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Shrubs, Trees and Other Vegetation

Trees and shrubs are a great way to boost the appearance, curb appeal and privacy of your home. They also provide a great boost to the comfort and health of your local paradise. Before you dig those holes, or even head to your favorite nursery, you should take several things into consideration when choosing your shrubs/trees and their placement.


1.     Pick plants that will do well in your climate and soil types.

2.     Pick plants that are right for the space you have in mind.

3.     Consider how big your plants will get when full grown and how quick they grow.

4.     Avoid planting trees within 10 ft of your home and other buildings.

a.     Roots will damage your foundation and potential cause it to fail.

b.     Branches, limbs and trunks can cause damage to your roof, siding, and gutters resulting in unwanted water intrusion and damage to your home.

5.     Shrubs should be planted at least 2 feet away from a home and kept trimmed at least 1 foot away to prevent damage to your home.

6.     Avoid planting vines and climbing plants up against the home. Vegetation growing against the building can expedite home rot and break up the mortar in masonry walls.

7.     Avoid planting trees or shrubs near where the drain (sewer) pipes or septic system is located. Roots seek out moisture and high nutrients. Your sewer line contains both those ingredients and one small crack in the pipe can fill the inside of the pipe with roots in as little as only a couple of months!

8.     Avoid planting trees that grow tall underneath or next to power lines, as this can cause power outages and fires. Tree trimming can get expensive, especially if electrical lines are involved.

9.     Live in a rural area? Create three zones of defensible space to protect your home and outbuildings from wildfire.


Not sure if your home is safe from invading trees? Huntington Inspections includes these items in our home and commercial inspections. We can also evaluate these conditions for you and make recommendations during partial home system inspections.


Give us a call today to schedule your home vegetation evaluation!

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