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Huntington Inspections, LLC

Years ago, Mike, and his wife Sarah, learned the hard way when buying their first home (with their oldest and brand-new child), that a general home inspection is more thorough and less expensive than paying for specific system inspections. Our real estate agent was not very helpful to explain our options, but rather gave us a "long-list" of required and suggested steps with minimal instructions, which we had found confusing and frustrating.

We also learned with our second home, that decades of construction experience is not enough by itself to properly inspect your own home, unless you are willing to spend a minimum of several hours going through everything and use a checklist.


After those undesirable experiences, we vowed to never let any friends, family or neighbors buy a home without a proper inspection. In 2020 Mike found himself working excessive hours each week. Mike discovered a need in the Goshen County area for quality home inspection services and promptly began the certification process. In February 2021, Huntington Inspections, LLC became registered with the state and the first inspections began soon after.

Mike and Sarah are the proud parents of four kids (two girls and two boys) spanning across seven years and have called Goshen County home since 2010. Mike and Sarah met in 2004 when both were active-duty servicemembers in the Air Force stationed in Oklahoma. After Oklahoma, they finished their active-duty service in Alaska before moving to Wyoming, where Mike continued his military career in the Air National Guard until 2017.

Mike and Sarah can both be found serving the community in various ways, including coaching/sponsoring community youth sports, volunteer firefighting, active members of their local church, and participants in local theater.

We look forward to helping make your home buying and selling journey a smoother process with hopefully less stress! 

Huntington Family
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