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Ceiling Fans: “It’s Just a Small Wobble, it Doesn’t Bother Me”

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

We've all seen them and sometimes we even think they're entertaining. The truth is a wobbling ceiling fan is the beginning of bigger issues, so it is important to make sure your fans are properly installed and balanced.

A wobbling fan can be a result of incorrect installation, or a small difference in weight distribution of the blades. Regardless of the reason, the shaking of the fan can cause support components to fail and electrical connections to come apart and cause a fire risk. So it may seem like something small and not worth mentioning, but when I call out a fan that's not functioning properly it's so that you can have a safer home.

Fans that are making excessive noise may need disassembly and cleaning, parts replaced, or in the worst case scenarios, complete replacement. When your fan is making extra noise, that means something is rubbing and something might be grinding, and you're also increasing the amount of heat that is being built up and transfered, which is also unsafe, and also a potential fire risk.

Why do I mention bulbs that are burnt out? For a couple reasons. First, it is possible, and even likely, that the bulb is only burnt out. It is also possible that the wiring inside the fixture, the switch box, or even the wall has failed. Secondly, troubleshooting is outside the scope of a home inspection, so we are unable to be determined the source of the bulb not lighting.

So some advice for both sellers and buyers, first thing make sure all of your fixtures in the house have functioning lightbulbs. If that does not correct the issue, then you may have a more serious issue that needs to be evaluated by a licensed electrician.

Even the seemingly small things that are brought up in a home inspection have a purpose, so that you know your house is safe and functional. Our goal is to help you identify and prioritize issues in your home so you can tackle those items based off of your timing and budget.

Because small things lead to bigger issues, if your home inspector does not find anything wrong with the house you're looking at, that inspector is not doing their job. They are not doing what you have paid them to do. This is one way one reason why you can trust Huntington Inspections to serve you and work in your best interest.

Huntington, Inspections, LLC is professional, honest, and certified in all areas that we inspect. We want you to have the fullest confidence that we are on your side. Contact us today to schedule your buyer or seller's inspection.

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